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Berlinale Talents 2014

Posted by  torsten  Feb 6, 2014

tectum supports Berlinale Talents

berlinale_talents.jpgWe are happy to support the "Berlinale Talents" once again. Like last year the Post Production Studio is the main event.

The DOPs Birgit Gudjonsdottir and Stefan Ciupek are showing 30 participants the possiblities of different cameras. Afterwards the footage is analysed by the Colorist Dirk Meier. Beside the Arri Alexa and the Canon C500 a RED Epic with a newly updated Dragon Sensor was available during the workshop. Furthermore the paricipants had access to an Epic Monochrome, a C300 EF, a Canon 1DC and a Canon 5D MKIII.

There is also a wide range of lenses available. Beside the Cine EF-lenses from Canon and a set of Master Primes, a Fujinon CabrioZoom, Zeiss Compact Primes and other EF-Canon Lenses could be used.

RED Germany sponsored the event with their cameras and Miller Fluidheads the Tripods. The TV Logic monitors came from Videor and Arri Sales and Rental provided camera accessories lights and camera. Once again Canon was the main sponsor and equipped the Berlinale Talents with a lot of lenses and cameras.

Additionally the Berlin Talents are visiting tectum – raum&zeit | filmgeräteverleih. In a 4h Workshop we are showing different cameras and accessories necessary for Stereo3D and Highspeed productions.

Birgit Gudjonsdottir


Stefan Ciupek