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OpenHouse @ tectum

Posted by  torsten  Jun 23, 2013

openhouse_full.jpgtectum - raum&zeit | filmgeräteverleih is happy to announce that we have the first AG-3DP1 in Germany in our rental. The recording format of the AG-3DP1 is broadcast quality and doesn't need an additional recorder. The camera was used by JumpSeat at the Wacken Festival "Louder Than Hell".

This is an occasion to celebrate:

On 31.08 we'll have our OpenHouse and Party afterwards. During our OpenHouse we will show some of our equipment: Among them the Z10000, AG-3DP1, our Modula Cameras rigged on the frensh MinhiRig and of course the Olympus iSPEED PL. Furthermore we will have additional rigs, cameras and accessories from different manufactors on display.

The event start at 14:00 and turn into the Party starting around 19:00.

See you there!