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tectum on the Seychelles

Posted by  torsten  Jun 23, 2013

seyhellen-news_thump.jpgtectum - raum&zeit | filmgeräteverleih was on the Seychelles.

Stereo3D on a 1.5 km wide island - far away from the next rental house. That was a big challenge for the equipment and the crew. We were equipped with to new Modula Baby MKII, an 8 channel Aladin remote control, a Side-by-side Rig from Stereotec, a 3D Nanoflash and a 10“ Transvideo 3D Monitor. The envelope was pushed from the first day so that we had to strip down the rig until only an unmotorized home-made rig was left.

A really interesting shoot in an exciting environment. You can read more about it in an article of the magazine "Kameramann" that we will publish soon.