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tectum at SO36 - five 3D Systems and one Livestream

Posted by  torsten  Jun 22, 2013

We finished an exciting production: a 3D Multi Camera Live Shoot with five 3D Systems!
Together with Sönke Kirchhof (Stereographer), Alexander Palm (DOP), Mario Dittmann (Operator), Alexander Klein (Operator) and Tilo Krause (3D-Live-Cut and Directing) tectum was in SO36. Torsten Schimmer and Christian Klimke supported the production from the rental house up to the final picture on the video mixer as technical direktors.


We were working with the Meduza Titan, the Modula Baby MKII Cmos rigged on a Steretec SbS Rig mini and the small mirror rig "MinhiRig" on a BlackCam Dolly. Furthermore we used the Z10000, AG-3DA1 and the AG-3DP1 from Panasonic.


Picture above: Modula Baby MK II on the Stereotec SbS Rig

Picture below: Meduza 3D Titan


Interesting was how light sensitve the Panasonic AG-3DP1 was - Alexander Palm (DOP of the project) here as Operator on the Kamera.

The AG-3DP1 was also easy to be combined with the Modula Baby MK II in the MinhiRig. The tiny system was mounted one the BlackCam Dolly right on the edge of the stage traveling from left to right. Being only 1,5m away from the singer gave this camera position an exceptional aesthetics and left a positive 3D impression. A bigger system would have blocked the view of the audience and a side-by-side system couldn't be used because auf the distance of the closest objects.


Picture above: Alexander Palm on the Panasonic AG-3DP1

Picture below: Modula Baby MK II used with the MinhiRig on the BlackCam Dolly


We are looking forward to further challenges and give out a big thank you to a great team.