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Backbone-Ribcage Kit for Sale

Posted by  torsten  Feb 17, 2014

Back-Bone Ribcage Kit for GoPro 3/3+ in the shop

RibCage_Hero3_Kowa10MP.pngAn exciting innovation from Kanada: Backbone-Ribcage Kit.
It is now possible to modify your GoPro to be used with CMount-lenses. With the widely available CMount-Adapters you could use Canon EF lenses or even PL lenses on your GoPro.

With the last Protune-Update we are now very close to a locked gain setting on the GoPros. There are already exposure lock hacks out there but hopefully GoPro will fix the problem in one of the next firmware updates.

The result is a tiny camera which can be mounted almost everywhere. Controlled via WiFi and in combination with high quality lenses the possibilites are almost endless.

The Backbone Ribcage Kit is available for only 235€ net and you can do the modification on your own. On request we can also do the modification for you.

Videotutorial for the modification:

Ribcage Set orders or information via our shop:


GoPro Hero 3+ RibCaged with EF-Optik


GoPro Hero 3+ RibCage Package